Tenant Handbook

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Report any suspected theft, no matter how small, to the Building Management Office immediately. You may also notify the Police Department; since it is possible that they may be investigating thefts in other office buildings and your report may help them complete their investigation more effectively. The Building’s insurance policy does not cover the theft of Tenant’s personal belongings. Personal property insurance is the responsibility of each tenant.

Suspicious Persons
Please be aware of strangers in your tenant areas and halls. If you see suspicious or offensive persons in the Building, please call the Building Management Office immediately. If possible, make note of appearance, clothing, etc. in order to assist Building Security in locating them.

Lost & Found
Please contact the Building Management Office to claim items that have been lost or found. If a lost and found item is claimed, the security officer must complete an Incident Report on the person claiming the lost and found item.

All Tenant suite door lock replacements must be coordinated through the Building Management Office to ensure the proper keying to the Building Master Key System. Please place key and lock requests through the Tenant Services Portal.

Solicitation is not permitted. If someone is soliciting in your suite, then please notify the Building Management Office and we will send appropriate personnel to escort him or her off the premises.